Looking to buy prohormones? Our guide is for you! We share with you the best online stores to buy legit prohormones at the lowest prices. Please note this page is mostly dedicated to people located in the US but we also have sections for the UK, Australia and Canada.

Top 3 Online Stores to Buy Prohormones in 2016

#1 BestPriceNutritions (recommended)
#2 A1Supplements

#3 Schwartz Labs
#4 Hit Supplements

Note: there a FAQ section at the end of this page.

I want to buy prohormones in the US

There are many local and online stores located in the US that have prohormones for sale. Nowadays, the best way to get good, legit and cheap prohormones is to go on trusted online stores: they have large stocks and the competition between them is high (which means the prices become lower).

Before ordering anything, make sure to take a look at our “Hot Deals” page where we list the latest promotions on prohormones and other bodybuilding supplements.

I want to buy prohormones in the UK

The UK banned several prohormones over the last years but there are still some online stores who’s selling good prohormones. I bought several supplements (including prohormones) from the UK and I’m sharing with you my three favourite online stores:

#1 http://www.predatornutrition.com/
#2 http://www.pro-hormones.co.uk/
#3 http://www.bestsupps.co.uk/

Note to Americans; the laws regarding “anabolic supplements” are different in the UK which explains why you may find banned prohormones for sale on those shops.


I want to buy prohormones in Australia

I didn’t find the legal texts regarding anabolic steroids and prohormones for Australia BUT I know they are controlled substances. That’s why you won’t find any prohormones for sale in australian stores (online or not).

Some people (on bodybuilding forums) report that you can order prohormones from online stores located in the UK and have it shipped to Australia without any customs problems. We don’t really suggest to do this because you expose yourself to potential risks.

Suggestion: since you can’t directly buy prohormones in Australia, you should take a look at anti-estrogen supplements (less powerful but legal).


I want to buy prohormones in Canada

As far as I know, canadian supplement stores (online or not) don’t sell prohormones. Indeed,  you shall not seek or obtain any of those substances according to Canada’s Laws.

You still can buy prohormones from online stores located in the USA-UK and have it shipped to Canada. Just make sure the ingredients are not mentioned in the canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (see the link just above).

Suggestion: since you can’t directly buy prohormones in Canada, we suggest to take a look at anti-estrogen supplements (less effective but legal).

FAQ about Buying Prohormones

1. What happens if I order a banned prohormone (in the USA) from a foreign online store?
First, customs can seize your shipment and send you a warning. If you order several bottles, you might receive a phone call (or a visit) from the customs. In the worst case, you can have a fine or go to jail (mostly if you’re planning to sell those banned prohormones here in the USA).

2. [You’re located outside the USA] All prohormones are banned in my country, what can I do?
The best solution for you is to look at anti-estrogens supplements (also called estrogen blockers). In most countries, they are not controlled. Of course, their effects are less powerful than prohormones but they can help you get better results at the gym.

-> Refer to Question #1 (just above) for the possible risks about buying illegal prohormones from foreign online stores.

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