What is Phosphatidylserine?


Phosphatidylserine is something that has always been in our bodies, in fact it’s in almost every cell that we have. This supplement contains amino acids and fatty acids. What this does specifically is provide a sort of building block for healthy cell membranes. So in general what it’s for is to help increase brain function. But its also been known to help with bone formation, cellular repair, heartbeat function, and testicular function. Below I will be outlining six different ways that we have seen in individuals who have claimed to have seen Phosphatidylserine benefits.

1. May Improve Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease 

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the worst forms of dementia that anyone can have, it takes peoples memories and slowly makes it so that you cant remember even the most basic things like your name or who your family members are. Phosphatidylserine has been known to sometimes increase brain function and memory, the chemicals in the supplement can help those with dementia, but usually just those with less serious cases, the sooner they can start using Phosphatidylserine the better the results may be. Remember, this is not a cure, its only been known to help in some instances. If you are looking to do additional research, there have been documented procedures on people with Alzheimer’s, the exact dosages, and the results.

2. Aids the Slowdown of Age-Related Cognitive Decline

We all know that when we get older we start to lose some of our senses, for example our eyesight starts to slowly decline along with our sense of smell. Another thing that starts to slowly fade is our memories, and that’s a scary thing. Know one wants to lose their memories and Phosphatidylserine has been known to slow down the cognitive decline that usually happens when we start to age. I can begin to tell you how important that is to some people, memories are sometimes all we have to remember certain people we have met in our life and losing those memories can be detrimental. There have been a couple of studies where people were given Phosphatidylserine and others were given a placebos, after a length of time both had to do visual or written tests, those who received the placebo actually had lower rates of success than those who received the real drug Phosphatidylserine.

3. Combats Depression

Depression is something that everyone has experience throughout their lifetime, some people however experience depression much more severely than others, Phosphatidylserine has been known to aid people who suffer from depression on a regular basis. Blood flow to certain parts of the brain are directly connected to depression, Phosphatidylserine creates a better blood flow to these regions and has been known to reduce the affects of depression on certain people. There have been a number of studies to show these effects. In a one preliminary trial, elderly women suffering from depression who were given 300 milligrams of PS every day for 30 days experienced an average 70 percent reduction in the severity of their depression

4. Improves Parkinson’s disease Symptoms

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disease In which the body’s nervous system is affected, this leads to people having movements in the body that aren’t intentional. This can be in the form of not being able to walk properly as well as having tremors; some people with Parkinson’s have been known to also lose the ability to speak properly. This is all a result of brain cells dying at an accelerated rate, with Phosphatidylserine on a daily basis the brain cells start to die at a slower rate and hold off the effects of Parkinson’s disease in some individuals.

5. Treats ADHD Symptoms

Everyone has heard of ADHD, it’s one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders among children. Normally children with ADHD have a hard time focusing o=for any long period of time, they often act out and have impulsive actions towards others. ADHD can also affect adults, but this isn’t as common as in children. Phosphatidylserine has been known to help increase mental focus, promote memory and cognition, boosting the moods of those who take it and also relieve large amounts of stress through a reduction of cortisol levels.

6. Boosts Athletic Performance

Lastly, Phosphatidylserine has also been known to help athletes by improving their performance. What it does is decrease muscle damage following workouts while improving blood flow to the muscles. As you know workouts are very stressful on the body and because Phosphatidylserine has been known to greatly reduce stress this helps people before and after their workouts.


Before you take Phosphatidylserine make sure you go see a doctor first, this is not for everyone and can have some side effects, it is very important that you talk to a doctor if you are thinking about taking this product. If in the event it is okay to use but you feel some side effects stop using it and go back to the doctor. The last thing you want is for your symptoms to get worse, remember Phosphatidylserine isn’t for everyone. Don’t be afraid to admit that this isn’t for you.

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