The 5 Best PCT Supplements for Blocking Estrogen & Keeping Gains in 2018

The 5 Best PCT Supplements for Blocking Estrogen & Keeping Gains

If you’ve ever tried a pro-hormone or anabolic steroid, then you should already be aware of how big of an impact your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol has in the end. Realistically speaking, most of the PCT supplements you’ve heard of or tried in the past are just bad.

Most people might be under the impression that injecting steroids or pro-hormones into the body will give them larger muscles. This is partially true, but what these people tend to forget is that without steroids, everything will have been for naught.

The fact of the matter is that cycling these compounds will indeed help you build muscle quicker, but if you steer clear of the substances for a few months in a row, then your gains you’ve worked so hard to get will disappear and leave you with embarrassing bulges in the chest and belly regions. All that time wasted because you didn’t do your homework on PCT.

To make matters even more confusing, PCT supplements are a relatively new thing in the market. It seems like almost every health and fitness brand has something to say and offer about the subject. And just like any company out there, their promises that their one-and-only-supplement is “all you’ll ever need” might just be bull…crap. In reality, most of these supplements won’t do anything for your body in blocking estrogen production or repair testosterone production to their pre-steroid usage levels when coming off cycle.

If you’re unfamiliar with what PCT is and its importance, you can check our links like this and this. After you’ve familiarized yourself with the topic, you might want to begin your search for PCT supplements that actually work in blocking estrogen production and boosting testosterone levels. To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of five trustworthy products that have worked amazingly well on their customers. Keep in mind that you may not experience the same effects as others, but you’ll know for sure that these supplements do contain active chemical compounds that actually help.

1. PhytoHeatlh Phenomenal PCT Supplement

PhytoHeatlh Phenomenal PCT SupplementPhenomenal is an innovative PCT supplement that takes the whole genre into another dimension. Any good PCT protocol should contain two important things: an armoatase inhibitor and SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators). Generally speaking, most PCT supplements available include the former in combination with libido enhancers but leave users without any of the latter. This supplement has bridged that gap but including an abundance of Adrost-3,5-diene-7, and the amazingly potent 3’-isoprenyl genistein which naturally support SERM.

Phenomenol is marketed as a supplement that works efficiently at blocking estrogen receptors, getting rid of any side effects brought on by heightened estrogen levels, stimulating testosterone production to its natural level, and maintaining muscle mass and gains. Of all the effective PCT supplements on the market, Phenomenol is arguably the most comprehensive supplement you’ll ever find.

2. VMI Sports AXR PCT Testosterone Booster

If you’re looking for an effective testosterone booster, then this supplement from VMI Sports is one definitely worth considering. The AXR is formulated to fulfill each and every one of your PCT needs. Its active ingredients serve to enhance libido, inhibit DHT, and inhibit aromatase with the ever-powerful Arimistane. It doesn’t matter if you’re cycling an anabolic steroid more potent than most; AXR packs enough power to reduce and even prevent the side effects associated with increased estrogen levels, restore testosterone production to its normal level, and even enhance sexual well-being.

Keep in mind that the PCT to use depends on what you’re running, but AXR can be used by almost all people for PCT protocol and SERM management.

3. Sparta Nutrition Trojan PCT

Sparta Nutrition Trojan PCTLike any of the products on this list, Trojan PCT contains a combination of natural, synthetic, and herbal ingredients which block and reduce estrogen rebound, restore testosterone production back to a healthy level, and maintain muscle mass and gains. The most unique component of this PCT supplement has to be the 5a-hydroxy Laxogenin which is a natural steroid found in plants. As of late, this organic steroid has become a staple ingredient in the modern muscle builder’s cycle.

Although 5a-hydroxy Laxogenin is not nearly as powerful as a pro-hormone or steroid, it does something to the muscle-building process that won’t have any detrimental impacts on the HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis). In a nutshell, this ingredient won’t cause a shutdown, but it will improve muscle growth while your testosterone levels are reduced during the post cycle.

Trojan PCT comes with a healthy dose of Arimistane so unlike many other PCT supplements out there, this one will actually help in rebuilding muscle while limiting estrogen levels.

4. Blackstone Labs PCT-V

Blackstone Labs PCT-VThere are no pro-hormone producers out there that have experienced a more rapid growth than Blackstone Labs. In only a short amount of time, Blackstone Labs came from being virtually non-existent to becoming one of the most trustworthy names in the pro-hormone business. There is an obvious reason why that is; looking at their track record, their products simply work. Their PCT-V is a testament to the company’s expertise and attention to detail – something that we can’t say about many of the producers pushing junk into the market.

The five active ingredients in Blackstone Labs PCT-V collective serve to improve your libido, protect your liver’s and other organ’s functionality, replenish testosterone production back to normal, block estrogen production, and promote muscle building.

5. Redcon1 SHIELD Anti-Estrogen Dietary Supplement

Redcon1 SHIELD Anti-Estrogen Dietary SupplementThe final PCT supplement we have to include on our list is the RedCon1’s SHIELD. This company has quickly built a name for itself as being a no-nonsense company that produces high-quality, innovative, scientifically-proven supplements. It really is no surprise that SHIELD actually works and upholds the good name of the Aaron Singerman-owned company (CEO and founder of Blackstone Labs).

The SHIELD contains only two active ingredients that work to detoxify your liver and destroy estrogen. The amazing thing is that with just two chemical compounds, this supplement actually delivers. If you’re running a pro-home that has the potential to ruin your liver and heighten testosterone levels too rapidly that estrogen production will increase, then the SHIELD is an excellent solution to keep in your back pocket.

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