C4 Pre Workout Review

C4 Pre WorkoutYou can’t look anywhere nowadays without spotting a gym or a healthy only restaurant. The need to look good and be healthy is growing everyday. With constant activities happening all the time for those who go to the gym or have joined cross fit around the globe they need something to help them prepare, and that’s where pre-workouts and supplements come into play. If you ask people who go to the gym or workout if they use a pre-workout supplement I’m guessing around 80% of them would say yes. There are a ton of pre-workouts to choose from so I can see how it would be overwhelming to try and choose one. This article will be focusing on one of the more known pre-workouts C4. Below I will be reviewing why you would need a pre-workout and exactly how it helps you to perform at the gym.

Reading about this product doesn’t do it justice, it’s one of the most used pre-workouts on the market and you won’t be disappointed if you buy it, however the price for C4 as a bit higher than your average pre-workout, but then again C4 isn’t average, it’s the top of the line when it comes to performance, read some reviews and find out for yourself!

How does it Work

Getting ready to go to the gym can be a difficult process, your sitting on the couch and don’t feel overly motivated to go to the gym even though you know you should, Something that can help with this is drinking some pre-workout. C4 is one of the most known pre-workouts and will help you get off you but and get to the gym. C4 helps you get the important burst of energy and power you need to succeed at the gym. It works as follows, it will give you a huge energy surge, make your muscles feel refreshed and creates an additional pump, you will find yourself lasting longer at the gym and being less tired when you leave, and lastly it creates an increased fat metabolism which will help you shed off those extra couple pounds you’ve been wanting to get rid of.

When you are at the gym you might get a tingling sensation going through your body, especially in the face, kind of feels like a bunch of pins and needles slightly pressing against your skin. Don’t be alarmed this means that it’s working, and once you start to workout and sweat this feeling will go away. If the experience is too much for you try lowering your dosage until you get it to a place where you feel more comfortable. Once you get to a dosage you are happy with you can slowly increase the amount to the regular dosage as your body starts to get use to the ingredients.


A lot of people have bought workout supplements and realize that they don’t taste very good, with C4 you have a large variety of flavors you can choose from so that you are bound to get the right tasting pre-workout for you. In total C4 has 12 different tasting flavors such as green apple, orange creamsicle, strawberry margarita, pink lemonade, fruit punch, icy blue razz. As you can see there are a bunch to choose from and you should be able to find a great tasting pre to start your workout.

Main Ingredients

The main ingredient in C4 is beta-alanine, its main purpose is to help delay muscle fatigue for longer lasting workouts.

Creatine nitrate is the second most important ingredient on the list, this helps to increase muscle strength and size The nitrate is very important because it actually helps dissolve the product so you don’t get any chunks of pre-workout at the bottom of your shaker.

Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG) is the third ingredient found in C4, what this does is help blood flow freely to the muscles.

Caffeine is the other main ingredient; the blend in the C4 contains 150mg of caffeine per serving. So if your are concerned about how much caffeine you take you should watch out for that. Before using C4 make sure you read the ingredients and search them for yourself so you know exactly what it is you’re putting into your body.


Before you start using C4 you might want to ask your doctor about it, if you are using any medication you don’t want to mix ingredients in some cases. Before you buy a product I would suggest additional research as well, always read the reviews on the product you are buying, the last thing you want is to buy a product and realize it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Pre workouts can be expensive so getting exactly what you are asking for is very important.

Many supplement stores always have some sort of deals, when you buy a certain product they give you samples of other products as well, a lot of the time they actually give out C4 samples, so if you have friends that frequently go to the gym you should ask them about C4 because there is a good chance that they are using it, have a sample, or know someone else who would be able to let you try some before you spend lots of money it.

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