The perfect workout requires a lot of energy and stamina. Pushing yourself harder is definitely the best way to get results. Sometimes, however, it will be difficult to find the energy and perseverance to keep on going.

Pre-workout supplements have been formulated for the purpose of delivering a powerful energy boost. Such products should be taken 20 to 30 minutes before the start of a workout session. Based on the ingredients that such supplements are made of, they can be used to increase energy, enhance lean muscle mass accumulation and speed up post-workout recovery.

Choosing the right pre-workout supplement is not an easy task because these products aren’t created equal. If you’re serious about exercising in 2017 and improving your physical shape, you’ll need to do a bit of shopping. Several products stand out in the niche and here are some of the best options for both male and female exercisers/bodybuilders.

Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Men

1. APS Nutrition Mesomorph

APS Nutrition MesomorphAccording to many reviewers, this is one of the best pre-workout supplements for men currently available on the market.

APS Nutrition Mesomorph is free from fillers, which results in a high concentration of the active ingredients. The formula produces an energy boost, it maximizes endurance, enhances lean muscle mass accumulation, maximizes pumps and speeds up the recovery after an intense workout session.

Each container features 25 servings of the powder. A single scoop is a source of 6,500 grams of the company’s proprietary Syntherox-Carnosine nitric oxide complex. The formula is further enriched with beta alanine, l-citrulline, AAK, l-taurine, a cell volumizing matrix and geranium oil extract.

There’s a wide array of flavors to choose among. These range from grape and pink lemonade to watermelon and tropical fruits.

Since this is a high potency formula, it’s very important to assess tolerance prior to getting started with APS Nutrition Mesomorph. Start with half a scoop of Mesomorph if you’ve never taken such a pre-workout supplement in the past. If you don’t experience ant unpleasant side effects, move on to increasing the dosage to a full scoop.


2. Cellucor C4 Extreme

Cellucor C4 ExtremeCellucor C4 Pre-Workout is one of the most popular supplementation formulas on the market. The reason for its popularity is the potency of the supplement and the benefits that bodybuilders and athletes get from it.

The formula is enriched with nitric oxide – a characteristic that makes it different from other products. Nitric oxide plays an important role in blood vessel dilation. It increases the diameter of blood vessels, allowing more blood to pass through. As a result, muscle tissues benefit from better oxygenation and the passage of more nutrients.

The great thing about Cellucor C4 Extreme is that a single container goes a long way. Each one contains 60 servings. The active ingredients of the product are creatine nitrate, arginine AKG, vitamin C, caffeine anhydrous, mucuna pruriens, bitter orange extract, vitamin B12 and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine.

As you can see, the formula is a bit more complex. This is why Cellucor C4 Extreme can be used to provide an energy boost, enhance muscle growth, speed up recovery after intense workout sessions and curb appetite.

The caffeine found in the formula is both a stimulant and a substance that can be used to enhance fat loss efforts.

Caffeine is very potent but it’s very important to assess your tolerance prior to getting started with the product. Some people suffer from caffeine sensitivities that make Cellucor C4 a bad choice for them. It’s also a bad idea to take the product in the evening because you could potentially

3. Con-Cret Pre

Con-Cret PreThis advanced training booster can be used to maximize functional energy, boost strength and increase muscle endurance. In addition, Con-Cret Pre helps for a higher level of alertness and it even improves cognitive function.

Amino acids and creatine come together to result in workout stamina. The formula is further enriched with caffeine for some added alertness and an energy boost.

A single Con-Cret Pre container comes with 30 servings of the powder (available in raspberry and lemonade flavors). A single serving contains the company’s proprietary performance blend of amino acids and creatine, vitamin C, vitamins from the B complex group, folic acid, choline bitartarate, black pepper fruit extract, caffeine and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine.

As you can see, there are some similarities between Cellucor C4 and Con-Cret Pre. The two products can be used to accomplish more or less the same goals. Just like in the case of Cellucor C4, it’s important to test your tolerance for the Con-Cret Pre ingredients. The pre-workout supplement contains caffeine, which may lead to sensitivity or sleep issues.

4. Pro Supps Aminolinx

Pro Supps AminolinxPro Supps Aminolinx is another great pre-workout supplement you may want to try in 2017.

The amino acid matrix is enriched with other ingredients needed to enhance the flow of blood and maximize endurance. In addition, the formula is great for speeding up bodily recovery after intense training sessions.

The interesting thing to mention about this product is that it provides an energy boost while being stimulant-free. Infused with electrolytes, the formula helps keep the body hydrated. It also contains beta alanine and agmantine sulfate that are required for optimal athletic performance.

Each container of Pro Supps Aminolinx comes with 30 servings. A single serving provides the body with vitamin B complex, magnesium, two grams of protein, calcium, essential amino acids, the company’s specialized endurance matrix, astragin and ActiGin. The final two are natural compounds that feature blends of panax ginseng, astragalus root and rosa roxburhii.

Pro Supps Aminolinx is primarily advertised as a pre-workout supplement but the product can also be taken after exercise to speed up bodily recovery and give the muscles their much-needed amino acids.

There are four delicious flavors to choose among – berry blast, cherry bomb, fruit punch and mango passion fruit.

5. San Megatron

San MegatronThe final entry in the list for guys is called San Megatron and it’s a citrulline powder. This is a nitric oxide maximizing formula that improves blood circulation and enhances muscle oxygenation at the same time.

The product features several proprietary product blends aimed at producing an array of workout benefits. San Megatron can be used to enhance vasodilation, increase muscle pumps, help waste product elimination, maintain the body hydrated throughout a workout and deliver a stamina/strength boost.

A single container of San Megatron contains 30 servings.

The nutrients found in a single serving of the pre-workout powder include niacin, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, citrulline malate, sodium, l-taurine, selaginella tamariscina extract, nitric oxide matrix, l-alpha glyceryl phosphoryl choline, n-acetyl-l-cysteine, piperine, l-carnithine l-tartarate, beta alanine and the company’s proprietary VO2 support matrix.

Keep in mind that the beta alanine found in the formula is recognized for a few side effects it may cause. The most common one is a tingling sensations on the skin. Usually, the sensation will subside within 30 minutes of taking the supplement. If San Megatron is taken alongside food, the unusual tingling sensation is to be less pronounced.

Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Women

When it comes to working out and supplementation, the nutritional needs of men and women differ. Guys are usually determined to maximize their muscle gains and get a more pronounced muscle definition. Women, on the other hand, look for leaner muscles and a sufficient level of energy.

This is the main reason why the market features a specialized segment of pre-workout supplements addressing the needs of women.

Pre-workout supplements for ladies will still deliver a nitric oxide and an energy boost. Usually, these supplements are enriched with the nutrients that the female body requires to function properly. While it’s possible to take a generic pre-workout supplement, a product that is especially formulated for women will deliver a bigger range of benefits.

1. HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme Women Only

HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme Women OnlyThis is one of the primary pre-workout supplementation options for women. Several distinctive characteristics determine the quality and the popularity of HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme Women Only.

The formula is based on amino acids, substances that boost nitric oxide levels and B vitamins. These are absorbed rapidly to deliver a sustainable energy boost. Women will feel more stamina and alertness throughout the workout, which will allow for the completion of much more challenging sessions.

The supplement is based on creatine monohydrate – the primary substance that delivers an energy boost. It also enhances muscle vascularity and contraction. As a result, muscles get repaired and they grow faster after workouts.

HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme Women Only is also based on nitric oxide that produces sustainable vasodilation, essential amino acids, beta alanine, caffeine, dendrobium nobile stem extract, bioperine and biotin.

Each contain of HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme Women Only features 30 servings of one scoop each. The supplement is available in two flavors – grapefruit and tropical punch. A single scoop should be mixed with cold water and taken 30 to 45 minutes prior a workout.

Just like other supplements containing caffeine and beta alanine, HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme Women Only could lead to some side effects.

The beta alanine contributes to a tingly sensation on the skin. Usually, the unpleasant side effect should subside within 30 minutes of starting. The caffeine may contribute to a sensitivity and it may also lead to sleep disorders when taken in the evening.

If you haven’t taken caffeine-containing pre-workout supplements in the past, you may want to try half a scoop first. Move on to the full dosage if you don’t experience any unpleasant side effects.

2. Con-Cret Women’s Elite

Con-Cret Women’s EliteThis pre-workout supplement is especially formulated to maximize lean muscle mass accumulation in women.

Con-Cret Women’s Elite is also formulated to speed up fat loss and boost the metabolism. According to the manufacturer’s official presentation, the product is created for women by women. As a result, it doesn’t cause some of the most common side effects linked to taking a pre-workout supplement – fluid retention, an energy crash after some time or an insufficient energy boost.

Apart from the muscle building and energizing ingredients, the formula is enriched with vitamins and minerals that play an important role in maintaining female health.

A single container of Con-Cret Women’s Elite comes with 36 servings of one individual scoop. Each scoop is a source of biotin, vitamin B12, folate, chromium, creatine HCL, capscicum extract, black pepper fruit extract and the company’s proprietary performance blend (802 milligrams).

Con-Cret Women’s Elite should be taken 15 to 20 minutes prior to an exercise session. On days when intense physical activity is expected, it would be acceptable to take two scoops of the supplement with water.

While the supplement is considered generally safe and effective because of the natural ingredients that it contains, Con-Cret Women’s Elite isn’t suitable for use by individuals under the age of 18. Because there’s little information about the way in which the ingredients affect a baby, pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from using this pre-workout supplement for their exercise sessions.

3. Lecheek Nutrition Hottie

Lecheek Nutrition HottieA performance-enhancing women’s pre-workout blend, Lecheek Nutrition Hottie delivers energy, increases endurance and speeds up metabolism at the same time. Thus, the supplement provides enough stamina for the completion of tough workouts and it also promotes intense fat burning.

Amino acids come together with a medley of other ingredients to make gym sessions much more effective. The other set of ingredients increases the body’s core temperature, which has a positive impact on fat burning.

There are no jitters and no energy crashes stemming from the supplement because the ingredients in the blend have been carefully chosen to work together and deliver sustainable energy. According to women who have taken this pre-workout supplement, the energizing effect is experienced almost immediately. In addition, Lecheek Nutrition Hottie results in a sense of alertness and it also contributes to some mood stabilization.

Every single container of Lecheek Nutrition Hottie comes with 30 servings of the supplement. There are four flavors to choose among – caramel latte, cherry kiss, cotton candy and forbidden apple.

A scoop of Lecheek Nutrition Hottie provides the body with essential nutrients and extracts like vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B12, beta alanine, caffeine, l-tyrosine, l-leucine, taurine, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, l-valine, coenzyme Q10, garcinia cambogia extract and vinpocetine.

There’s sufficient clinical evidence about the effectiveness of various of these natural ingredients. Garcinia cambogia extract, for example, is one of the most potent natural substances when it comes to effective weight loss. Together with the other fat burning ingredients (like the green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones), garcinia cambogia extract can be used to control cravings and speed up the metabolic response.

Thus, Hottie is a much more effective pre-workout supplement than the other options in the list when it comes to increasing fat burning during workouts.

Since the supplement contains caffeine and stimulants, it’s very important to stick to the recommended dosage. In some people, caffeine intake may contribute to excessive jitteriness, nervousness and sleep problems. Make sure that you don’t suffer from a caffeine sensitivity prior to getting started with the product.

4. Gold Star Triple X

Gold Star Triple XThe product is advertised as a pre-workout xcelerator that maximizes pumps, enhances focus and speeds up the fat burning efforts.

Gold Star Triple X is based on an innovative stimulant called DMHA. The compound is synthetic but small quantities are natural found in walnut bark extract. It’s a relatively powerful appetite suppressant, decongestant and an energy maximizer.

Because of the manner in which it affects certain important neurotransmitters, DMHA can also be used to further maximize motivation for working out.

This isn’t the only interesting and effective compound that the Gold Star Triple X formula is based on. Citrulline, betal alanine and essential amino acids are added to the formula in an attempt to enhance muscle growth and maximize stamina.

A single Gold Star Triple X container features 30 servings. One scoop of the pre-workout supplement is a source of l-taurine, l-tyrosine, dicaffeine malate, l-citrulline, beta alanine, creatine monohydrate and synephrine hcl.

As you can see, the Gold Star Triple X formula isn’t as advanced as what the other pre-workout supplements for women have to offer. If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, however, you will be happy with this product.

It’s sufficient to take one scoop of Gold Star Triple X 15 to 30 minutes prior to starting a workout.

Some of the ingredients in the formula are available in high concentrations, which is why assessing tolerance in advance is a good idea. If you are taking such a supplement for the first time, start with half a scoop. Move on to having a complete scoop before a workout if you don’t experience any side effects from the smaller dose.

Gold Star Triple X is a delicious pre-workout powder that’s available in five flavors – blue raspberry, cotton candy, orange, watermelon and green apple.

5. San Fierce Domination

San Fierce DominationThe final entry in the list has a couple of unique characteristics that make it a perfect pick for active women.

San Fierce Domination promotes endurance and more strength for the completion of challenging workouts. It’s mainly developed for the needs of women enjoying a high activity level, professional athletes and bodybuilders.

The scientifically-chosen formula is also great for speeding up the post-workout recovery and reducing the risk of suffering from muscle soreness or stiffness the next day. The product helps for more endurance and less damage on a cellular level, which is the key to more powerful and productive workouts.

Each single container of San Fierce Domination comes with 40 servings, making the supplement cost-efficient in comparison to the other top options. There are two flavors to choose among – furious fruit punch and wicked watermelon.

A single scoop of the pre-workout supplement comes with large quantities of vitamin C, l-taurine, l-aspartic acid, l-tyrosine, caffeine, l-theanine, creatine monohydrate, l-citrulline, creatine hcl, l-carnitine l-tartarate, glycerol monostearate and agmantine sulfate.

It’s not 100 percent clear how the formula addresses the specific workout needs of women – it lacks some of the specialized herbals and fat burners that the other products in the list come with. Still, San Fierce Domination has an effective matrix of energizing and muscle building ingredients. These turn it in a great pre-workout supplement that most women will enjoy immensely.

One scoop 30 minutes before a workout is sufficient to get the desired results. Since the product contains stimulants, refrain from consuming more than two scoops in a 12-hour period.

Since the formula is very intense, it’s a good idea to test your tolerance with a smaller amount prior to taking a full scoop. Start with half a scoop and increase the quantity to the recommended amount if you don’t experience side effects.

Pre-Workout Supplements: Final Verdict

As you’ve found out already, pre-workout supplements are very different from each other. Choosing the right product is all about having an excellent understanding of your specific needs and picking ingredients that will help you accomplish the goal.

Whether you need an energy boost, you want bigger muscles or more effective fat burning, you will find at least one great pre-workout supplement. Always go through the list of ingredients prior to making a purchase. Make sure that you have a good idea about the effect of every single ingredient and the manner in which it interacts with the other compounds with the formula.

Remember that the cheapest product out there isn’t always the best possibility. Many high quality pre-workout supplements are occasionally available at discounted prices or you can benefit from discounts for bulk purchases. Refrain from buying anything featuring questionable ingredients for the sake of saving some money.

Finally, you may want to talk to your doctor prior to getting started with a fitness supplementation program.

Most pre-workout supplements are designed to be safe and effective. Still, some of the formulas feature powerful stimulants. Having your health thoroughly assessed and making sure that you don’t suffer from a medical condition is imperative. If you suffer from a chronic disease or you take medications, you should talk to a physician prior to choosing a supplement. Some ingredients may interact with the medications that you’re taking.