Best Pre-Workout Drinks for Women

There comes a time in every Runner’s/cross trainer’s/ elliptical master’s life where working out just stops, well, working out. Besides the fact that your old, tired classic music is getting a bit stale, your body can only take so much on water and water alone. Wouldn’t it be convenient if, say, a protein fueled liquid existed for your exercising pleasure? Of course we’re totally joking, you know pre-workout drinks are a thing, but they’re also extremely subjective. Since you know all about gettin’ your fitness on, you know all about Pre-workout drinks on the market, right? You’d be surprised how wrong you are. Just from doing simple research, we’ve found that there are easily 100 brands on the market all claiming to do the same thing, but they’re not! While we know you absolutely LOVE the drink you’re using now (and it’s chocolate flavored, which is a plus), it’s getting haggard and, frankly, just gross. And, just like when you went from free weights to Crossfit, you need a major change, which is totally okay! Isn’t variety the spice (or supplement) of life? Check out of 5 favorite jog loving, jumping jack doing, Zumba dancing, yoga posing concoctions you should enjoy before you hit the gym for maximum sweating excellence.

Promera Sports: Women’s Elite

This is more of a first time supplements gal, but make no mistake, it’s nothing to mess around with. It’s what they call a micro dosed supplement, which basically means the ingredients are slim in each serving, that way you’re not jumping into the lap pool feet first and you can ease your way into going for the olympic running gold later. It comes in Mango and Strawberry Kiwi, so it definitely tastes a bit healthier than a thick, chocolate workout supplement. For about $30 you’ll get 36 servings, which makes this pretty cost effective as well.

Fit Miss Ignite Women’s Pre Workout

The best part of this supplement is that it comes in a packet instead of a tub, so you’re able to bring it anywhere on the go (it also comes in the latter as well if that’s what you prefer). Converting fat into energy, this small but mighty packet contains beta-alanine and natural amino acids like glycine and taurine, and L-carnitine, which are just fancy words for ultimate fat burn! This one comes in fruit punch and strawberry margarita because, hey, it’s 5:00 somewhere (maybe in the gym, who knows!). 30 servings will run your anywhere between $19-$30, depending on where you get it from. If you like on the go convenience and price, we would go this way.

HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme

Get a load of this in your face, ready to do it’s job and do it well kick butt mix! Of course you’ve got all the fun stuff in there like L-Citrulline and Agmatine sulfate, which give you endurance, but, as an added bonus,  it’s taken up a notch with BCAA mix for recovery when you’ve feeling chafed, strained, and kind of exhausted (we mean REALLY exhausted, it’s not a good workout if you’re not!). Trust us, your legs will thank you later. This comes in pina colada, sweet grapefruit, Tangerine, and tropical punch, That way you can get your beach body on while feeling like you’re on the beach, running through the sand drink in hand. Ahhhh, is that relaxing or is that relaxing? All and all for this product you’re looking at 30 servings for $26.

Gym Angel: Energy Angel

Let’s talk about guardian angels for a second: they’re always watching out for you, even when you’re doing not so savory things. This includes the explicit language you use when you’re not getting a good workout in or are frustrated with the outcome. Not with this supplement, not at all. It’s a pretty simple concept: pretty much caffeine, Agmatine sulfate for pump and 3 grams of betaine which aids performance and promotes muscle mass, nothing scary. Just you, your guardian angel, and a clean, smooth supplement. You’ll get 30 servings for anywhere between $25-$30, and it comes in pina colada, yum!

To round off our list, here’s the number one gump before the box jump:

Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN Pre Workout

We are TOTALLY in love with this fan favorite, with good reason! While other companies are worried about the same old song, too worried to switch it up a bit,  Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN Pre Workout formula goes where no company has gone before. Let’s talk about how they’re not trying to trick you by any means. While it’s competitors try and decieve you, there is FULL disclosure with this supplement. And, can you say zero artificial sweeteners? Yeah, you read that right. 0, like none. Gym bells and whistles included: lose fat, support lean muscle, and get more toned definition in their arms, legs, glutes, all of the things you want before stepping out in that tight red dress in a few weeks. One last thing: NO JITTERS! We know that’s a big worry with some of these powders, but believe us when we say the 1-theanine and caffeine anhydrous keep you grounded, even when you’re on the stair climber. The best part? It comes in a ton of different flavors like strawberry lemonade blue raspberry and green, pretty much a grand slam in your book. This supplement will cost you about $50, but that’s for a bag of 30 servings.

So it looks like you have all the tools you need to make an educated decision on how you start your gym reps (besides, of course, the machines and free weights, those you have to buy yourself). And, hey, if you don’t mesh well with one of these, don’t be afraid to try another. It’s not do or die with these drinks, so it’s okay to experiment and try new things, but just one at a time! Go on girl, get your swole on!

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