10 Best Supplements from 1UP Nutrition

1UP Nutrition was founded by Vadim Mordovin and John Hilton, two life-long fitness gurus and advocates who live what they preach. These experts in health and fitness only want what’s best for their clients, so they banded together to establish a premium nutrition brand which specializes in fat-burning, strength-increasing, and energy- and muscle-building products for both men and women. Their awesome products, combined with proper diet and exercise, are guaranteed to leave their users satisfied with the results.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 10 of 1UP Nutrition’s most favorite health supplements. The products we’re going to list include whey protein shake, a vegan-friendly protein shake, pre-workout supplements for men and women, strength-building supplements, fat-burning capsule, and more. If you’re into fitness but are unsure which products are safe to use that guarantee positive results, we highly recommend checking out what 1UP Nutrition has to offer. You will not be disappointed, evidenced by the thousands of clients who regularly leave positive feedback for the company’s products.

1UP Whey Protein

1UP Whey ProteinThe whey protein from 1UP aims to promote healthy lean muscle growth, muscle recovery, and enhance overall strength. Increased strength translates into more reps at the gym, ultimately leading to larger, more long-lasting muscles. This protein shake can be used as a replacement for meals. Simply add yogurt, fruit, or a dollop of peanut butter with this blend and you’ll have a ready-to-go shake before work. Upon purchase, you will get two free recipe E-books on how to make the heartiest, meal-replacing shakes while optimizing protein intake and reducing calories. This protein-shake powder comes in six different flavors, including white chocolate mint, banana caramel, cinnamon french toast, and, the most popular flavor, chocolate peanut butter blast.

1UP Organic Vegan Protein

1UP Organic Vegan ProteinIf you’re looking for a vegan-friendly option to up your protein intake, then 1Up’s organic vegan protein powder is worth considering. Like their whey-based protein-shake powder, this vegan-friendly option promotes muscle growth and increasing strength. The only difference between the two products is that this one doesn’t use milk-based ingredients, but instead contains concentrated amounts of vegan superfoods such as all-natural coconut oil, cocoa, and pumpkin seed protein. Some users who’ve tried both compliment this 1UP for their consideration of the growing community of vegan muscle-builders, but this product falls slightly short compared to their whey protein shake powder. Unfortunately, vegans only have two flavor options: chocolate and vanilla.

1UP All-in-One PRE-WORKOUT for Men

1UP All-in-One PRE-WORKOUT for MenThere’s nothing wrong with going all-in-one, even in fitness products like this pre-workout powder. Pre-workout shakes should be taken roughly 20 minutes before lifting weights or lacing up your shoes to jog. This pre-workout mix works wonders for men who find themselves lacking the energy to fight through the first moments of muscle relaxedness. This product is highly recommended for users who are thinking about hitting the gym but never quite get fully invested in a workout regime. This pre-workout smoothie powder will have you feeling energized and ready to pump iron. You can choose between four different flavors, including blue raspberry and island mango (new).


1UP PRE-WORKOUT for WomenLike men, women also need a pre-workout shake to get their muscles ready for the upcoming hours of pumping iron or jogging. The difference between the men’s and women’s options of pre-workout powders is that the version for women contains Keto goBHB which provides extra power to the heart, muscles, and brain. You also have a choice to go with one of four flavors for each jar of this good stuff. We recommend trying the island mango – imagine the topical taste of a mango smoothie while relaxing on a beach. That’s what this magnificent pre-workout flavor tastes like.

1UP Pro Ripped Max

1UP Pro Ripped MaxFor the males out there looking to burn fat while building muscles, the Pro Ripped Max is the supplement for you. Benefits of this product include promoting energy and focus while keeping you satiated for long periods of time. Four of these capsules should be taken daily to feel the optimal effects of this supplement. However, as the company suggests, taking this supplement is not a true substitute for meals. You will still need to eat lean meats, and lots of veggies and fresh fruit. Keep this is mind when using this product since it really does fill your stomach.

1UP Make Her Lean Max

1UP Make Her Lean MaxWomen are also given a capsule which enhances energy while keeping you full. Although this pill should be used by physically active women, some customers who aren’t as dedicated to fitness who have tried this product have spoken highly about its ability to control their hunger while giving them the energy to run errands and work. If you find yourself overeating too often, we suggest downing four of these pills daily. After about a week, your appetite will decrease but you’ll still have the energy to work.

1UP Pure Rebuild

1UP Pure RebuildThis 5-in-1 muscle-building product helps those of us who have taken a week (or year) off of weightlifting to regain what we’ve lost. This product should be taken after a workout to optimize its muscle-building effects. Most of the comments left for this product compliment it for giving denser muscles after several months of use. In addition, if you find yourself easily tired out at the gym, whether you’re a new gym-goer or not, this supplement should give you the endurance to power through several reps in less time. There are two flavor options: pineapple and watermelon.

1UP Pro Test Max

1UP Pro Test MaxIf you’re an anabolic steroid user, then you will know the importance of keeping their testosterone-production levels as close to normal as possible. This testosterone supplement from 1UP serves to help restore testosterone production to normal levels. This product helps in combating the negative effects of anabolic steroids such as shrunken testes and man-boobs.

1UP Organic Vegan Greens & Reds Superfoods

https://1upnutrition.com/collections/health-wellness/products/1up-natural-vegan-reds-greensWe know the benefits of superfoods such as antioxidant-rich berries and greens. This product is a super-concentration of a wide variety of superfoods that help with the detoxifying process. This is important for weightlifters and physically active people who need help in detoxifying their bodies after prolonged use of questionable steroids and medication. This product is high in fiber and antioxidants, making it suitable for both heavy-duty gym-goers and hobbyist joggers.

1UP Daily Cleanse

1UP Daily CleanseCleansing, just like detoxifying, is a necessary process to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. This cleansing product helps our bodies by fighting against bloating, improving our digestion and metabolism processes, as well as improving weight loss. Although 1UP recommends a daily dose of four pills, some users have gotten by with just two pills and have experienced positive results.

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