“Protein Powder for Women”

Dieting is over rated. Well respected nutritionists will tell you that the best thing you can do for your body is drink plenty of water, get good sleep, exercise and consume less (not zero) sugar, and increase in consuming whole foods (fruits and vegetables).  If you don’t know already here’s a recap: The average human body is made up of a large portion of water, 60% to be exact. The other 40% is given to fat at 17%, carbohydrates at 5% and protein which make up an equal percentage to fat of 17%/18%.

This being stated it is important that we feed these 4 components of our physical makeup. First by drinking plenty of water, second by seeing that our body gets the necessary healthy fat it needs in order to survive (keeps us hydrated and insulated). In third place carbohydrates which provide energy, and are the body’s main source of fuel, needed for physical activity. Last we have Protein.

Now at the end of this article I am going to present you with three different brands of Protein powder specifically designed for women. I am going to go through the nutritional benefits of these products, how you can make them work for you, the major ingredient components, as well as help you decide which one suits your particular need (even if it is just by flavour :P).

First off it is important that, for you to be able to understand the full effect of Protein powder and what it does, you need to be aware of what Protein is and how it works in your body. So we are going to go over a few questions like “What is Protein?” “How does Protein Work?” and “Why do we need it?” Lets start with the first one:

What is Protein?

In a nutshell protein is an essential nutrient, in charge of multiple functions in your body. These functions are: building tissue, cells and muscle, as well as making hormones and anti-bodies. We already know that Protein makes up about 17 percent of a person’s body weight. Proteins are made up of small units called amino acids, which are organic compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur. These are the building blocks of proteins, and proteins create the physical skin and muscle structure of your human anatomy. Because I don’t want to get off topic I won’t be going into an in depth account of amino acids and how they work, our focus is the basic functions of Proteins. Next question:

How does protein work?

When protein (from food) is broken down in the body during digestion, it breaks into parts called amino acids. (Opps, sorry there’s that word again) The human body needs a number of amino acids in large enough amounts to maintain good health. Protein (from food) helps to fuel muscle mass (protein that your body is made up of), which aids in a steady metabolism. It also aids the immune system in staying strong. A lot of research has shown that protein has satisfying effects. This means  it has the ability to make you feel full and keep you from over eating. So…

Why do we need Protein?

You need protein in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new ones. These cells are what make up your body mass. As you exert energy through work, physical activity or exercise you need proteins to repair, replace and replenish the old body cells. Everyone needs protein in their diet, but if you do endurance sports or weight training you will most likely need to increase your protein intake.

Now it’s no secret that men are, generally, more muscular than women. Fun Fact: Women are just over half as strong as men in their upper bodies, and about two-thirds as strong in their lower bodies. And whilst  male metabolism burns calories faster, the female metabolism tends to convert more food to fat. This is why we happen to be the more curvier of species. So being women we actually need a lot more protein supplied to our body. If most food is converted to fat we need to see that we are eating more protein based food or getting a high protein based supplement throughout our day.

So with all this information, lets consider another question:

How much protein should I eat?

After exercise, protein is particularly important since muscles need it to recover and grow. It is advised that adults are to avoid consuming more than twice the recommended daily intake of protein So? How much protein? The amount of protein foods a person should eat depends on a lot of factors like how much you weigh, and how much muscle you have. Things like age, sex, and level of physical activity also play an important role in figuring out how much protein you should consume. I have found that you can estimate your protein needs based on your current body weight.

Here is the formula:

Pounds: Multiply your body weight by 0.7

Kilograms: Multiply your body weight by 1.5

So, a woman (me) who weighs 140lbs (64kg) should aim for about 100grams of protein a day; a 220lb (100kg) man (my boyfriend), should shoot for at least 150grams of protein. (I’ll have to tell him that later :P)

Sources of Protein

All food made from meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts and seeds are considered part of the protein group.

If you have the specific kind of diet that requires a few animal free options, there are several alternative sources of protein: soy, hemp and whey.

What is whey? Whey protein is a by-product of the cheese-making process and therefore (just a heads up) not vegan. It is found in supplements, such as protein powders. It is usually used to promote lean muscle mass and is also associated with weight loss,

Good protein sources:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Fish and seafood
  • Soya- great if u are lactose intolerant.
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Pork
  • Chicken and turkey
  • Beans and lentils-also high in iron and fibre.

Protein Powder

Protein Powder is a supplement, and are for supplement purposes only they are not meant to be taken in replacement of ACTUAL food. Sometimes though, and I understand the struggle that we don’t always have the time to prep a healthy protein packed snack, so it’s good to have it as a back up plan only. It’s also recommended that you are going to use protein shakes, choosing one that has more than 20 grams of protein per serving.

FUN FACT! Did you know that the word “protein” (as it first appeared in the scientific literature in 1838), was derived from the Greek word “protos” – meaning “first rank or position” – this just goes to prove how important protein is to life!

Ok, so now it’s time for you to make a decision. You know what protein is and how it works and why you need it. And I know, that you know, that you are not getting enough of it in your diet, and you know what no worries mate cause I got you covered…


Femme ISOfemme!

The Ultimate Protein Smoothie For Women!

ISOfemme, is the ultimate protein built for the female figure. Zero Estrogenic Proteins, 100% Aspartame-Free, 27g(higher than 20g) Protein per Scoop, 1g Carbs, Virtually Fat-Free, with delicious flavour.

ISOfemme includes:

  • 27g of Body-Shaping Whey Protein Isolate in every Scoop
  • Zero Fat, Zero Added Sugar and only 1g Carbs
  • Aspartame-Free and Gluten-Free
  • Virtually Lactose-Free (98.5%)
  • Zero Estrogenic Proteins
  • 3 delicious flavors: Creamy Vanilla Sky, Chocolate Temptation, Strawberry Fiesta

ISO is short for Isolate a term used when referring to Whey Protein Isolate. Created with a females unique figure in mind, ISOfemme is a formula made to prove that male body builders aren’t the only ones who can rock those protein shakes. As a woman you need protein to tone your muscles and provide recovery after exercising. Not to mention because of our curvier figures, women need to have a higher protein diet.

ISOfemme has 115 calories, 1 gram of carbs and zero added sugars, per serving. As well as 27g of high quality whey protein (the highest form of quality protein) and only 1g of sugars. ISOfemme includes natural ingredients such as Cinnamon Bark for its ability to regulate insulin. Recent research conducted on cinnamon has shown that it can help to normalize blood sugar levels. It is abundant in essential amino acids (hey, there’s that word again) which are critical for maintaining health and providing essential nutrients for active women and curving your appetite. Protein is also essential for making your hair skin and nails look great. ISOfemme provides the protein you need to look and feel your best.


Take ISOfemme by combining 1 level scoop (30 grams) of ISOfemme protein smoothie with 6-8 oz. of water, juice or milk at any time that you need a protein boost. You can use a shaker cup or combined with other ingredients in a blender to make smoothies. You can take it at anytime of day and will even blend well with things like oatmeal!

Zantrex Fat Burning Protein

Is high energy fat burning Protein Powder that accelerates weight loss. The proteins in Zantrex are designed to help increase your metabolism, sustain energy, enhance your mood, AND control cravings.

There are 5 main components that aid in the fat burning process, these are: Green tea extract, chicory extract, coffee extract, white chia, and flax. These 5 key ingredients, apart from protein all have the same base qualities. #1.Antioxodants, and #2 Fiber both things you need if you are going to successful shed those pounds. Green tea, chicory and coffee have more of the antioxidant qualities, which are a significant help to boost your metabolism. While chia and flax have more fiber related qualities to see that you are staying regular and working your digestive system properly.

Zantrex even has its own Antioxidant Fruit Blend consisting of: Grape Extract, Blueberry, Cranberry, Sour Cherry, Prune Plum, Raspberry, Strawberry, Bilberry, Grape, Bilberry Extract, Blueberry Extract.


Available in Triple Chocolate Fudge or Creamy Vanilla Bean flavors. Adults should mix 2 scoops with 8 fl. oz. (240ml) of cold water and blend well. Recommended once daily and no more, even on non-workout days. Zantrex can be taken immediately before or after your workout. Use with any sensible diet and exercise program.

NLA for Her Whey “Her way”

The Ultimate Lean Protein designed for women. Comprised of 28g of lean protein with added amino acids (very good) for muscle mass recovery.

Her Whey contains…can you guess?

28 grams (above 20g) of premium, clinically advanced Whey Isolate protein (there’s that super protein again!) for optimal nutrition, muscular performance, and recovery. Added Vitamins and Minerals such as zinc, iron and potassium plus many others. Over 9.4 grams of Glutamine (an amino acid found in your muscles) and over 5 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) to enhance muscular recovery after workouts! BCAA’s consist of three main other amino acids that your body needs to recover your muscles quicker.

Just a heads up: Unfortunately NLA is not vegan friendly as it contains dairy and soy, and is also produced in an environment where other non-vegan products are packaged.


Take 1-2 scoops 2 times a day for maximum results. It is recommended to use immediately before working out so you will get the nutrients you need to make it through the most grueling workouts. Then take again 10- 45 minutes after your workout to speed up the recovery time!

So now that you have ALL this information, its time for you to make a decision. First ask yourself “Am I getting enough protein?” then consider if the current weight loss program is working. Evaluate your needs and what these products have to offer. Do a bit more research if you must, and once you have all the facts, I know you will make the right decision.