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EPG Epilean Shred


Epilean Shred is one of the best cutting prohormones you can get in 2016. Its main compound (Epi-Andro) will help you significantly reduce body fat while increasing muscle definition. Non methylated and mild, this prohormone can be used by beginners and advanced users. Cheap and effective!

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In-Depth Review of Epilean Shred

-> What is Epilean Shred?
Epilean Shred is a non methylated prohormone manufactured by EPG, the same company who launched Ostalean.

The main ingredient of Epilean Shred is 3b-hydroxy-etioallocholan-17-one which is known as Epiandrosterone (Epi-Andro). You will also find some extra ingredients in this prohormone such as Arimistane, Epicatechin, L-Carnitine and much more.

How it works? : Epiandrosterone converts to dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT or Stanolone). This hormone is especially good for fat loss, strength gains, muscle density and definition.

By the way, Epilean Shred does not contain Epistane same if the results you’ll get are pretty similar to it.

-> User Results and Side Effects
Epilean Shred gives great results while having low side effects. Make sure to have intense workouts, a good diet and proper supplements to optimize your cycle.

Common results with Epilean Shred: most users report a major increase in fat loss, strength, muscle hardness and libido. An increase in lean mass is possible but this prohormone is more known for it’s recomposition effects (e.g. getting more muscle density & less body fat).

Side effects of Epilean Shred: If you are prone to hair loss, you might have accelerated effects because it converts to DHT. One other possible side effect is joint discomfort since this prohormone inhibits estrogen. Some products can help you manage these two problems. On a positive view, you don’t have to worry about estrogen issues (gyno, water retention) as there is no aromatization.

-> Dosage and Cycle Length
The common cycle length of Epilean Shred is 4 to 6 weeks followed by a minimum of 8 weeks off including your PCT. As for the dosage of Epilean Shred, we recommend to take at least 3 capsules (300 mg of Epi-Andro) daily.
Below, we give you some cycle setups according to your experience with prohormones.

Epilean Shred – Example of a cycle for beginners
Week 1-2-3-4: 3 caps daily
Week 5-6: 4 caps daily
Week 7-8-9-10: Post cycle therapy

Epilean Shred – Example of a cycle for advanced users*
Week 1-2: 4 caps daily
Week 3-4-5-6: 5 caps daily
Week 7-8-9-10: Post cycle therapy

* Some advanced users may decide to take higher doses depending how they respond to this prohormone. Moreover, some people will stack Epilean Shred with another anabolic supplement.

In all cases, we recommend to split up dosage through each day. For best results, make sure to take one dose one hour before your workout.

-> Do I need cycle support supplements and a PCT?
Epilean Shred is a non methylated prohormone so you don’t have to worry about your liver. However, it can affect slighty your blood pressure: that’s why we still recommend to take an “all-in-one” cycle support supplement.

For the post cycle therapy, we recommend to take a SERM (e.g. nolvadex, clomid, torem..) for 4 weeks. Same if Epilean Shred is not suppressive as other anabolic supplements, you’ll need a proper PCT in order to help your body recover and keep your gains. Some people will prefer to do an “over-the-counter PCT” but that’s not our first recommendation.

-> Where to buy Epilean Shred?
Epilean Shred by EPG is one of the legal prohormones you still can buy in 2016. It’s available in many online stores and here is a link to get it at the lowest price:

Click Here to Buy EPG Epilean Shred (90 caps)

Have any question? Feel free to leave a comment.

Please note that we recommend to consult a physician before taking bodybuilding supplements.

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