Beef protein or whey protein? Each of the options has its benefits but beef protein has a couple of great perks. For a start, it has a higher biological value than whey protein. It gets digested in the stomach, which reduces feelings of being bloated. Such formulas are further enriched with additional ingredients (like vitamins and minerals), which makes them even more valuable.

These are some of the reasons why beef protein has been gaining so much popularity lately. In order to experience the benefits, however, it’s important to choose the right beef protein formula. While the market has numerous options to offer, three of them stand out due to the quality and the high nutritional value.

MuscleMeds Carnivor Shed

This fat burning protein isolate is primarily formulated to build muscle, increase energy and reduce cravings. Beef protein isolate and shredding agents come together in the formula. While the protein helps for the accumulation of lean muscle mass, the other ingredients speed up fat loss and give the body a much more shredded appearance.

MuscleMeds Carnivor Shed features natural products and extracts like creatine monohydrate, OKG, GKG, yerba mate, green tea and green coffee bean extract. The final one has been clinically tested and researchers identified its excellent properties in terms of speeding up the metabolism and helping control cravings.

The caffeine found in the green tea extract adds to the stimulating and the fat burning effect of MuscleMeds Carnivor Shed even further.

Each serving of the product contains 23 grams of beef protein isolate. There’s no cholesterol, sugar or lactose that potentially slow down the absorption of the protein and decrease its biological value. The formula is also free from gelatin and collagen.

The supplement’s manufacturer has carried out a clinical study that proves the effectiveness of the formula. The research took place in 2015 and the results were presented during the International Society of Sports Nutrition conference in Texas. Over an eight-week period, athletes taking the supplement saw an increase in their lean muscle mass of 7.7 pounds. The placebo group didn’t experience any serious improvement.

AST Raptor HD

The AST Raptor HD formula is a bit simpler but it still does what the manufacturer promises. This beef protein powder enhances lean muscle mass accumulation and it also improves athletic performance.

An interesting aspect of this supplement’s manufacturing process is the chemical and enzyme-free hydrolysis of the beef protein. Peptide molecular weight is thus decreased, which allows for faster and easier absorption.

Each serving (a 40-gram scoop) contains 24 grams of protein, niacin, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium. The powder is dark chocolate flavored and free from allergens (according to manufacturer specifications).

The formula is also enhanced with creatine. While beef protein does contain a high concentration of creatine, the synergistic formula enables much more pronounced anabolic growth as a result of the supplementation.

People who have takin AST Raptor HD report that apart from doing an excellent job, this beef protein powder is also delicious. Rich and delicious, the powder produces a creamy beverage whether it gets mixed with cold water or milk.

San Titanium Beef Supreme

The final option in the top three is called San Titanium Beef Supreme – a simpler and more affordable option than the previous two entries in the list. Still, San Titanium Beef Supreme has sufficiently high quality and several characteristics that make the beef protein powder worth a try.

Each container comes with 28 servings and a single serving will provide the body with 23 grams of protein. In addition, the formula features potassium, sodium, an amino acid matrix, sunflower creamer, a milk derivative (sodium caseinate), soy lecithin and tocopherols.

As you’ve probably concluded already, the formula isn’t as rich and diversified as what the other two top products have to offer. Still, if you’re looking for pure beef protein powder of sufficiently high quality, you’ll be happy with San Titanium Beef Supreme.

Since the product does contain traces of milk derivatives, it may contribute to allergic reactions or dietary insensitivities in some people. Make sure that you’re not lactose intolerant, in order to benefit from the protein powder without experiencing side effects.

There are two flavors to pick among – chocolate fudge and vanilla. Choose the one you like the most to make the supplementation both effective and pleasant.