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1-Andro RDE Chrome


1-Andro RDe Chrome is one of the safest prohormones on the market. Its compound is quite mild but you can expect to increase your lean muscle mass (up to 10 lbs) and significantly reduce your body fat. We recommend it mostly to beginners looking to do their first cycle. Advanced users can stack this 1-Andro prohormone with another anabolic supplement to improve results.

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In-Depth Review of 1-Andro RDe Chrome

->What is 1-Andro RDe Chrome?
1-Andro RDe Chrome is a prohormone manufactured by Advanced Muscle Science (AMS). The main compound of this product is 1-Androstene-3b-ol-17-one which is also known as 1-DHEA or 1-Androsterone.

After a two-step conversion in your body, 1-Andro RDe Chrome converts to the potent 1-Testosterone.

Note: the formula of this anabolic supplement changed over time. In 2016, 1-Andro Rde Chrome contains 20 mg of 1-Androstene-3b-ol-17-one per tablet.

-> Who can take 1-Andro RDe Chrome?
Being non methylated and with a low risk of side effects, 1-Andro RDe Chrome is mostly used by beginners to run a first cycle. Advanced users often use it to do a prohormone stack.

In the end, this prohormone is mostly dedicated to cutting cycles. With good workouts and a proper diet, you can expect to do a body recomposition (i.e. increase lean mass & decrease body fat at the same time).

-> How do I take 1-Andro RDe Chrome?
Even if it’s a mild prohormone, 1-Andro RDe Chrome needs to be cycled. The common cycle length is 6 to 8 weeks followed by a minimum of 6 weeks off including your PCT.

For beginners, we recommend to take 4 tablets (80 mg) daily of 1-Andro RDe Chrome for 6 to 8 weeks.
Advanced users can stack 1-Andro Rde Chrome (same dosage of 4 tablets daily) with another prohormone for maximum results.

We recommend to split up dosage through each day. For best results, make sure to take one dose one hour before your workout.

-> Results and Side Effects with 1-Andro RDe Chrome
This mild prohormone can deliver great results but make sure you’re having great gym sessions and a good diet for best results.

As for the positive effects: most users will experience an increase in lean muscle mass and strength while also reducing body fat. A muscle gain of 10 lbs is pretty common.

As for the negative effects: 1-Andro RDe Chrome is known for its low risk of side effects. Indeed, most users report no side effects. In some cases (higher dosage, prohormone stacks), you might have some issues; lethargy, low libido, more aggression and hair loss if you’re prone to it.

-> Do I need cycle support supplements and a PCT?
1-Andro RDe Chrome AMS won’t put stress on your liver because it’s non methylated. Therefore, taking cycle support supplements is not really necessary but it’s up to you. However, if you take higher doses than the ones we recommend or you decide to stack it with another prohormone, we recommend to take a cycle support supplement.

As for the post cycle therapy, an “over the counter PCT” will be enough if you take this product alone at regular dosage. Just make sure you take a good testosterone booster like Testoshred from EPG or AD-3 PCT from Lecheek Nutrition. For advanced cycles, we recommend to take a SERM like nolva, clomid or torem.

-> Where to buy 1-Andro RDe Chrome?
1-Andro RDe Chrome is a legal prohormone but you won’t be able to find the original version of this product because AMS launched a new formula called “1-Andro Sedds Chrome”. No big change, they simply added DHB.

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Please note that we recommend to consult a physician before taking bodybuilding supplements.

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